We push your career APPLICANT TRAINING

Register now for the 22.09.2022 in Munich!

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Omega Podcast - "Push your career" by an executive trainer (42 min.) - German

A trainer of top executives explains the gain for the career through individual training

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Omega Podcast - IP job descriptions: Patent Attorney (40 min.) - German

Dr. Klaus Platzer reports on his daily work as a patent attorney.

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"IP job profiles in brief": Patent attorney (3 min.) - German

Omega Podcast: Learn about the patent attorney profession in 3 minutes.

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Introducing Omega Consulting Group

Get an impression of Omega Consulting Group in one minute by watching our advertising trailer!

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IP career - Europe's career fair with focus on Intellectual Property

Win new employees at Europe's career fair focused on IP in the heart of Munich

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Application Training @ Munich Business School

Lately, we visited Munich Business School together with Dennemeyer for an application training – giving some insights from our professional experience. It was a pleasure to work with these ambitious and talented students from all around the world!

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Webinar: "Me Brand" - Confident in salary negotiations - in German

You want to earn more? The way to get there is not only through better performance. The right strategy in salary negotiations is also crucial! The salary question plays a major role not only in the application process, but also when you have already been performing in your job for some time. Our live webinar will give you valuable tips on this.

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IP Career

We proudly present Europe's first career fair for the Intellectual Property (IP) sector.

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Important information about our contact data

As of now, you can reach Omega Consulting Group at a new phone number

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